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Araven ingredients bin,7 lt.

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Ingredient bins are designed for perfect storage, optimum good preservation with maximum hygiene and the strictest control of raw materials.Ingredient bins are ideal for storing food with very low levels of humidity (dry goods, nuts, pasta, rice…) as they can be closed so the contents are protected without having to be airtight,avoidind the humidity getting in and spoiling the contents.All you have to do the then is to find a suitable place to store the container, which should be a dry and well-ventilated location, away from sources of heat and moistre,isolated from very damp.Ingredient bins 1/1 is designed with the FIFO system(first in-first out) with a lid for filling and another for removing food.Araven containers,thanks to their ColorClip identification,help to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that the contents of the container are always on the same type,poultry, red meat, vegetables/fruit or fish.Rounded edges to avoid the accumulation of food remains that faciliates cleaning.Ergonomic edges make the container easy to handle.The permanent label allows cooking professionals to identify the contents and keep information on the origin,of foods.Enhanced food accessibility.You can access the contents of any of the stacked containers without having to unstack them – a very significant advantage to save time and keep everything tidy.The lid remains raised in an open position without needing to hold it.It can be completely opened even with another container stacked on it and when it is on the shelf. Container height that adapts to the gap between shelves.Translucent container that enables the food contained to be identified.Includes 4 colored clips.Indication of scale and measurement size.Easy to open.Temperature range ºC: -40˚C to + 90˚C.Material : polyethylene.BPA FREE.NSF certification .Color : traslucent .Dimensions: 395 X 200 X 200mm Capacity: 7 lt Gastronorm sizes, GN 1/3

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