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Bain-marie with drain tap and two containers,RCBM

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The Bain-marie RCBM-1 / 2-150A-GN from the Royal Catering gastronomy line is specially designed to keep your food warm at an optimal temperature.This makes it versatile and allows you to hold on all the ingredients of a meal, such as meat, potatoes and sauce, hot,at the same time.It is therefore ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, canteens, buffets,snack bars, bistros as well as in various grocery stores.Bain-marie is an electric double boiler heated by water.Water is used as a means of heat transfer.The maximum temperature of 95 ° C is kept constantly below the boiling point,so that your meal heats up gently.You can quickly achieve the desired heating level using the heating element 1200 W and thanks to the automatic thermostat, which allows an effective temperature setting between 50 ° C and 95 ° C.With the 6-level temperature controller you can heat just that your food:The settings from 1 to 3 (50 ° C – 70 ° C) are designed for normal heating and settings from 4 to 6 (80 ° C – 95 ° C) are ideal for heating.With a solid construction and timeless design, the Bain-marie is one extremely reliable product.Made of high quality stainless steel and therefore is long lasting and very easy to clean.In addition, the Bain-marie has a drain tap that makes the container water very easy to fill, empty and clean.On / off switch. Power: 1200 W Voltage: 220-230 V Weight: 9.95 kg Dimensions: 56 X 33.5 X 24. This model has two Gastronorm (GN) 1/2 containers with one lid.

Weight 10,5 kg