BREAD KNIFE 9″ (23 cm.) Shun Nagare – KAI


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Bread knife 9″ Shun Nagare – KAI

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Bread knife Shun Nagare – KAI. Blade: 9.0″ (23,0 cm). Material: VG-10 and VG-2. Hardness: 60 HRC +/-1. Finish: Mirror finished . Layers: 72. Handle: Handle 14,0cm. Bolster: Stainless Steel. Material: Grey Pakka Wood with 2 rivets. End-cap: Stainless Steel. Shape:Symmetrical. Package:40,7 x 10 x 4,3 cm.Kai has created another innovative masterpiece of Japanese blacksmithing with its Shun Nagare Series. Its sophisticated design, the special properties of the materials employed, and a technically complex production process places this series of knives among the pinnacle of the luxury class. An artfully decorated, radial pattern of Damascus layers adorns the highly polished blades. This effect, combined with the mottled grey-black handle, lends the knife an impressive overall appearance. The series’ blades consist of two different types of steel, which are bonded to form a 72-layered piece of Damascus steel. This complex layering of two types of steel results in a blade with exceptional cutting performance, which has been recognised by the awarding of the German Design Award 2017 Special Mention. kai produces the so-called “dual-core” blade of the Shun Nagare Series in an innovative forging process. Here, two types of steel with different properties are combined to form a 72-layered piece of Damascus steel. The combination of flexible and robust VG 2 steel and an especially hard VG 10 steel results in a hardness of 61 (±1) HRC. As a result, the double-edged blades have a particularly long-lasting edge retention, and excellent sharpness. With its soft, rounded lines, the ergonomically shaped handle fits the hand perfectly. The forged tang in the handle lends the knife a robust stability and provides an optimum counterweight to the blade. The riveted handle, which is fashioned from mottled grey-black pakkawood – a waterproof and especially robust wood veneer – imparts a warm and valuable feel to the knife.

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