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Chocolate Fountain SQ2 JM Posner.

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Excellent quality construction, refined aesthetics, impressive features, high performance and reliability are some of the advantages of JM Posner models.This is one step up from our SQ1 standard chocolate fountain.If the amount of chocolate provided by the smaller model just isn’t enough for the size of your business or event, or if you just want to have a slightly greater impression on your clients, then the SQ2 chocolate fountain may be the item for you.In addition to having three tiers plus the top hat, this taller chocolate fountain is able to handle more than twice as much chocolate as ts smaller relative.It works with a minimum of 4Kg and a maximum of 7Kg,allowing it to serve parties of 80 people.It comes with a touchpad / display panel to control the desired temperature and power and offers the same ease of removal and leek, modern, stainless steel design as all chocolate fountains of JM Posner.This fountain stands higher on any table and serves as an ideal centrepiece for larger events, where a higher focal point is needed for fantastic presentation.Unique modern design with removable bowl and easy removable bearing housing.Simple to use the control panel and has new tier positioning system.Built in safety system.Five levels.Minimum chocolate capacity 4 kg and maximum 7 kg.Total height: 79,5 cm Height of top section: 43,2 cm Width of drum: 29,5 cm Height of drum: 30,3 cm Width of bowl: 40,8 cm Weight: 15.9 kg Voltage : 110/230 V Frequency : 50/60 Hz Power : 450 W

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