COPPER CAULDRON No 40(40X20),12 Kg


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Copper cauldron No 40

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Copper cauldron with handles,of excellent quality and durability.Ergonomic handles,very sturdily and perfectly glued.Resistant to very high temperatures, ideal for syrup.Copper is a material that absorbs heat uniformly throughout its entire extent, so it heats up from everywhere and gives the heat to its contents from all sides. Whatever you cook in a copper cauldron comes delicious, but also the texture of jam, halva, syrup or anything else, is uniform. Before first use, you must wash it with soft detergent and water. Then dry it well with a soft cloth. To restore its original shine, moisten a soft cloth in vinegar and salt or lemon and rub the copper cauldron. No matter how dull or blackened it is, its shine will be restored. Capacity 12 ml. Dimensions 40 X 20 cm.

Weight 3,6 kg