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Fruit Fork Alina 12pcs

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Fruit fork of the Alina series. Material: Stainless Steel. Color: Silver. Length: 18.3cm. Thickness 3.5mm. Elegant design suitable to decorate any table. Offers excellent resistance against rust, food acids and salt. Suitable for washing in dishwashers. Useful tips: To avoid rust and stains on cutlery, the following should be followed: food residues (sauce, lemon, salt) remain on the cutlery for a long time. When washing in the dishwasher, a detergent containing lemon, vinegar or other acid should not be used, because in combination with the salts in the water, electrolysis occurs, resulting in the creation of black spots or corrosion of the metal. They should not be put together in the washing machine with the cutlery other types of metal objects, i.e. aluminum, copper, brass or galvanized utensils, because this way again electrolysis occurs. After washing, the cutlery must be immediately removed from the washing machine, dried well and stored in a place without moisture. In case when the cutlery catches salts, to polish them we can break the salts by passing them with a little vinegar. Be careful that the vinegar must be washed off immediately and the cutlery wiped with a dry cloth. If the vinegar stays on them the acetic acid will corrode the metal and the cutlery will turn black and pit. Available in a set of 12 pieces.

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