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A commercial charcoal oven is a combination of an open barbeque and an oven.

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A commercial charcoal oven is a combination of an open barbeque and an oven. It is being used by the most specialized chefs around the world as it gives a unique flavor to all kinds of food while at the same time it increases the kitchen productivity. It is the perfect cooking appliance for all food-service establishments like traditional restaurants taverns hotels bistro cafes etc. ADVANTAGES 1. Combination of grill – oven so that it is possible to produce many different dishes that would require 2 devices 2. It works with 40% less charcoal than an open grill 3. The ideal continuous operation is at 300 – 350 °C while in the short term up to 560 °C 4. Ideal for cooking all foods (red meat chicken fish seafood pasta vegetables pizzas bread etc.) 5. It is 30-40%  faster than a classic grill 6. Significant reduction of the flame by preventing the food from drying out or burning 7. High cooking quality: the unique taste that cooking gives to charcoal is uniquely combined with the preservation of the texture and juicyness of the food 8. Collect the ash in a drawer under the oven for easier cleaning 9. Quality in the workplace: Prevents direct exposure of the cook to high temperatures 10. Select RAL color chart (upon request) 11. Excellent construction quality TECNICAL DETAILS 1. You dont need electricity or gas because it only works with charcoal or briquettes 2. Internal lining of cast iron 5mm. 3. The oven housing is made of stainless steel AISI 304 4. 5-position bases for grills 5. Ash collection drawer 6. Analogue thermometer up to 550 °C 7. Double insulation in the baking chamber 8. Ventilation system for temperature regulation 9. Grill dimension 73x40cm 10. Consumption per day 12 kg 11. Quantity of baking per hour 70Kg INCLUDED 1. Two AISI 304 stainless steel grill racks 2. Two AISI 304 stainless steel tongs 3. Firebracker with air flow regulator OPTIONALLY 1. Wardrobe with opening doors and wheels 2. Ceiling grate_x000d_

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