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Utility knife 6″ Seki Magoroku Composite – KAI

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Utility knife Seki Magoroku Composite KAI. Blade: 6″ (15,0 cm). Material: Core: VG-MaxSUS420J2 Composite by copper brazing. Hardness: 61 HRC +/-1. Finish: Mirror + satin. Handle: 11,0 cm. Bolster: S/S. Material: White Pakka Wood. Shape: Symmetrical ellipsoidal. Package: 30 x 6 x 2,2 cm. Having received the reddot Design Award 2013, the Seki Magoroku Composite Series is the symbol of contemporary design expertise stemming from the house of kai. The series combines dynamism and lightness: the composite blade comprises two different steel grades, laminated and bonded using copper solder. This results in a stunning flash of copper running along its length. The resulting appearance is impressive and turns the blade into a highlight of hightech engineering. In combination with the pale wooden handle, the series appears futuristic, light, and sophisticated. Beyond that, the knives ensure ultimate sharpness and an extraordinary overall performance. The blade combines different textures and grades of steel: the chamfered, polished bolster merges into the satined rounded blade back made of SUS420J2 steel and flows into a cutting edge made of especially hard VG-MAX steel. The double-sided blades combine a minimalistic aesthetic with high edge retention and corrosion resistance. The fair, cross-grained pakkawood handle is seamlessly attached to the integrated tang, which is suitable for both left- and right-handed users due to its symmetrical shape. The handle is slim and light, giving it rather top-heavy and dynamic handling characteristics. The seamless transition from handle to polished bolster enables the comfortable and easy holding of the blade between thumb and forefinger.

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